Security Guards Dealing With Angry People

Security Guards Angry people are encountered often by protection officers. Anger may cause physical changes such as an accelerated heart beat and a higher level of activity in general. An angry person may also fidget, clench their hands, pace about, etc. Professional interpersonal communication is the key to dealing with angry people.

Here are a few things to try:
1. Listen. Pay attention. Assess the person.
2. Acknowledge feelings — [et them know that you realize they are upset. Consider a statement of regret; tell them you are sorry that they are upset.
3. Find agreement. Find a common ground that both of you can agree on. This can be very minor at first. It can be seemingly insignificant but it is a starting point, a building block.
4. Identify the problem. Try to pinpoint the cause of the person’s anger.
5. Identify a solution. Close properly with a review of the solution. Make sure the person understands what is going to happen.
Every day more and more people are faced with dealing with angry people. It make seem anger surrounds us at home, in the workplace, on the roadways, and at sports events. Make sure not to get caught up in the anger because we all know how easy that is and how horrible situations can turn.

As an alternative, this survival guide is designed to provide practical tips on how to deal with angry people in your life: (1) explosive people who might be dangerous

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