Security Guard Definition

What is a security guard?

A security guard can be defined as a person hired by a private organization to protect a physical location or help keep things in order.

What type of work schedules do guards have?

That all varies on the type of location that we are providing security for. For instance if the location is a apartment complex that is having parking lot issues during the evening time, them it would be best to have a security at the property during those hours ex 9pm to 6am. An a situation where a office building is being protected it might be best to have a guard there during the day time where there is a lot of people and the guard can deter any type of office violence during violent times such as employee terminations and dealing with angry customers.

What is an armed security guard?

An armed security guard is a security guard who is license by the state he is providing services in.

What types of guards are there?

There are a variety of security guards. The three main ones are armed, unarmed, and undercover.

What type of uniforms do guards wear?

At Global Shield Security we have a variety of outfits our clients can choose from. Whether it be a plain clothed officer, uniformed security officer, or a officer dressed in a blazer plus custom outfits for specific locations are available.